The Pure Grounds of the Divine Forms of The Scarab Group Practice™

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This one-day group practice is available worldwide through licensed sponsors or organizers.

The Pure Grounds of the Divine Forms of The Scarab is a day-long group practice. The Work starts at 9:30 AM and finishes at 5:00 PM, with approximately a 1½ hour lunch break.

Five different Teachings from Oscar will be shown. The first two Teachings of the "Declaration of Unity" and "The Universal Trinity of the Forms" lecture will open the day. After two meditations, Oscar's lectures on the "Integral Ascesis" and the "Platonic Ascesis" will be shown, and the last lecture presented will be "The Pure Grounds of the Divine Forms of the Scarab." The lectures being shown will bring the brilliance of Oscar's Teachings to this day's Work, and provide a method of transmission from him for us all.

Yantras included for First Time registration
  • Enlightened Mind (Sphere 9)
  • Mind of Clear Light
  • Non-conceptual Mind
  • Mind of Pure Diamond
  • Mind of Divine Nature
  • Mind of True Self
  • Mind of the Unborn
  • Mind of Ultimate Reality
  • Immovable Mind
  • Mind of Eternal Presence
  • Volitional Mind (Sphere 8) 
  • Divine Innate Energy
  • Divine Energy of Stability
  • Divine Energy of Vitality
  • Divine Energy of Attraction
  • Divine Energy of Impulse
  • Divine Energy of Expression
  • Divine Energy of Intuition
  • Divine Energy of Attention
  • Divine Energy of Consciousness
  • Creative Mind (Sphere 7) 
  • Pink Salt Ring
  • Red Iron Ring
  • Orange Fire Ring
  • Yellow Earth Ring
  • Green Air Ring
  • Dark Green Wood Ring
  • Blue Light Ring
  • Dark Blue Water Ring
  • Violet Space Ring
  • Illuminative Mind (Sphere 6) 
  • Innate Virtue
  • Virtue of Fortitude
  • Virtue of Justice
  • Virtue of Temperance
  • Virtue of Tolerance
  • Virtue of Compassion
  • Virtue of Prudence
  • Virtue of Serenity
  • Virtue of Goodness
  • Contemplative Mind (Sphere 5) 
  • Divine Principle of No Effect
  • Divine Principle of No Dependence
  • Divine Principle of No Change
  • Divine Principle of No Difference
  • Divine Principle of No Limits
  • Divine Principle of No Contradiction
  • Divine Principle of No Position
  • Divine Principle of No Time
  • Divine Principle of All-Consciousness
  • Attributive Mind (Sphere 4)  
  • Divine Attribute of the Unconditional
  • Divine Attribute of the Almighty
  • Divine Attribute of the Simple
  • Divine Attribute of the Eternal
  • Divine Attribute of the Invisible
  • Divine Attribute of Gnosis
  • Divine Attribute of Omnipresence
  • Divine Attribute of the Immaterial
  • Divine Attribute of the Ornamental
  • Ornamental Mind (Sphere 3)  
  • Divine Gnosis of Light
  • Divine Gnosis of Fruition
  • Divine Gnosis of The Path
  • Divine Gnosis of Great Peace
  • Divine Gnosis of Transcendence
  • Divine Gnosis of the Mystical School
  • Divine Gnosis of Self-Realization
  • Divine Gnosis of Liberation
  • Divine Gnosis of the Diamond Being
  • Universal Mind (Sphere 2)  
  • Divine Name of God of The Almighty
  • Divine Name of God of The Beautiful
  • Divine Name of God of The Truth
  • Divine Name of God of The Good
  • Divine Name of God of The One
  • Transcendental Mind (Sphere 1)
  • Transcendental State of Theosis
  • Divine Energies
  • Golden-Green-Violet ring
Materials not included
  • Declaration of Unity card
  • Meditation Suit
  • Universal Logos
  • Violet Door
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual

Suggested Prerequisite: Initiation into the Light