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A Commentary on
Crazy Wisdom

In "A Commentary on Crazy Wisdom," Oscar Ichazo unveils the integral philosophy tradition by exploring the contemplative practice of Crazy Wisdom, elucidating the nature of the Mind and offering direct teachings on achieving the maturity and stability of the 'Mind of Crazy Wisdom' that remains unaffected by relative reality, leading to the realization of the Ultimate State of Innate Awareness and Supreme Freedom of the Mind.
We Are One - A Training for Unity™
June 6 to June 11
The purpose of WE ARE ONE, A Training for Unity is to provide the basis of Unity
to address the urgent problems facing humanity and our planet.
The Enneagrams of the Fixations
"The Enneagrams of the Fixations, The Original Teachings" encompasses the comprehensive and enduring teachings of Oscar Ichazo since the establishment of the Arica School in 1968, providing profound insights into Integral Philosophy, Protoanalysis, the enneagram theory, and the doctrine of Fixations, all aimed at attaining higher states of mind within a new philosophical tradition.
Sunday June 4, 2023
'Mind-only' Group Practice™
The 'Mind-only' Group Practice facilitates the attainment of the State of 'Mind-only', where the Absolute and Relative Minds are separated, allowing the Absolute Mind to witness your ego process from a higher perspective freeing us from its manipulation.

June 11, 2023

Velocity® Meditations Group Practice™

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Wave of Divine Love Ceremony

A Ceremony to send the Energy of Divine Love to someone who is ill or would benefit from the support of Love and Unity during a difficult time. This can be extended to a family, group or all humanity.

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New Publication

The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms

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With Knowledge we can effect the change needed to face the problems that are unfolding,

with human dignity a common purpose and understanding upon the grounds of Unity and Love for all humanity.

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