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Happy Birthday Oscar! - July 24, 2024

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This year we celebrate Oscar's 92nd birthday and as in past years, we all have a great deal to remember and celebrate! This year our celebration will be focused on the Divine Minds of Crazy Wisdom with support Work before the main meditation. More than any other year in the School, the profound effect of this particular meditation will bring a renewed strength of orientation to the School across the powerful Teachings that are disclosed.

Without a calm-abiding perspective about the nature of 'Reality as such,' we can react and forget the sublime Teachings of Crazy Wisdom, and as Oscar said, "Crazy Wisdom can be defined as a Mind that understands itself so completely that it does not allow any obscu­rations to cover its natural radiance of Innate Awareness, the State of Eternal Presence. We can say that Crazy Wisdom is, in reality, the Supreme Freedom."

With this quote in mind, let's gain real Freedom with the sublime Teachings of Crazy Wisdom and give Oscar a truly beautiful Birthday Salute by remembering all that he has taught us and by applying these Teachings to our lives and our process with our beloved School.

With all our hearts overflowing with Divine Love and a Universe of many Light-filled TOHAM KUM RAHs.

Happy birthday, Oscar!

Yantras required:
  • Crazy Wisdom Deity
  • Universal Logos
  • Violet Door
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual (optional)

  • Prerequisites: None

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