5. Mandala System of the Telesmatta of Truth™


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The Mandala System of the Great Telesmatta is composed of four main meditations: The Embodiment of the Special Mandala of the Telesmatta of Truth; The Emptiness Meditation, using the method of Ego-reduction and the Six Reducers of Conventional Reality for attaining a powerful Mind of Emptiness; The Rebirth as the Divine Metatelos, with the aid of the Birth of Light yantra; The Generation of the Divine Metatelos in front of us, and then the actual Embodiment of the Divine Metatelos in oneself for recalling and acknowledging our internal, Essential Self. The Work of embodying these meditations has the value of imprinting in our Eternal Continuum (Divine Telesmatta) the fundamental and Supreme Truth of the divinity of our innermost Essential Self, which is the outflow of the Eternal Absolute (Theosis). The Telesmatta of Truth is the definitive step because it ends in the opening of the Golden Eye, the State of True Objective Enlightenment. Length of training: 64-sessions.

Yantras included with training
  • Birth of Light
  • Diamond Purifier yantras - set of 5
  • Mandala of the Divine Metatelos Deity and his Pleroma
  • Mandala of the Realms
  • Mentations yantras set of 12
  • Special Mandala of the Telesmatta of Truth
  • Ultimate Guardian II Deity
Yantras purchased separately
  • AH 
  • Divine Metatelos Deity IV
  • Golden Eye
  • Violet Door
  • Universe
  • Universal Logos
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual (optional)
  • Declaration of Unity card
  • Meditation Suit
  • Wood Counter Beads (optional)
Prerequisites: The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation, Parts 1, 2 & 3
Requirements:  Membership in Arica Institute