1. Spiritual Realm Preparation™

1. Spiritual Realm Preparation™


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Spiritual Realm Preparation training is the necessary basis for The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation—consisting of Logomachia, Applied Logomachia, the Imaginal World and the Embodiment of the Archetypes—and the Work of the Great Telesmatta. 

Spiritual Realm Preparation is a training for embodying the highest spiritual forms and vibrations that exist in our physical body. Through this practice, we awaken and enlighten ourselves more deeply on the path of internal realization. By activating our organism in a determined way, we can be transformed and enriched by the most precious element of life—our vital energy or chi. Length of training: 17-sessions.

Illustrations and yantras included
  • Abdominal Cavity (muscles 1)
  • Abdominal Cavity (muscles 2)
  • Abdominal Cavity (organs)
  • Cavities and Extremities
  • Cranial Cavity (muscles)
  • Cranial Cavity (organs)
  • Dorsal Cavity (organs)
  • Dorsal Skeleton
  • Dorsal Vertebrae
  • Endocrine Glands
  • Entry Points
  • Objective Forms
  • Red Inverted Triangle
  • Yellow Square
  • Green Octagon
  • Five Pointed Blue Star
  • Violet Circle
  • Hypergnostic Meditation
  • Integration Breath
  • Pelvic Cavity (muscles 1)
  • Pelvic Cavity (muscles 2)
  • Pelvic Cavity (organs)
  • P–Cals Color Chart
  • Psychocalisthenics Visualization Chart
  • Skeleton cavities and extremities
  • Skin Nerves
  • Spinal Sections
  • Thoracic Cavity (muscles)
  • Thoracic Cavity (organs)
  • Hypergnostic yantra 
  • Universal Logos yantra
Prerequisites: None
Requirements: Arica Institute membership