Universe of Light Ritual•Initiation•Practice™

Universe of Light Ritual•Initiation•Practice™


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The Universe of Light Ritual • Initiation • Practice is a practice by which we enter into the experience of the Spiritual Light as a visual phenomenon that generates emotions and feelings of bliss, joy, happiness, warmth, vitality and strength. Our internal spiritual life becomes the actual experience and knowledge of the Spiritual Light. When this ritual becomes a regular routine practice, we experience the powerful transformative energy that the Light produces in us. This training ritual is open to all Aricans at any level of practice who are attracted to having the Spiritual Light as part of their ongoing routine. Length of training: 24-sessions.

Yantra included
  • Universe yantra
Prerequisites: Reunion 1995, Lectures 2001, Reunions 2005 & 2010  or an Initiation into the Velocity Group Practice, Crazy Wisdom Group Practice, or the first session scheduled with local initiator.

Requirements: Arica Institute membership