Arica Day of Unity Scarab Meditations™ Group Practice First Time or Repeat - January 2, 2022


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This Group Practice is based upon meditations from the Scarab practice, and includes The Scarab Initiation, Triads of Time and Soul Meditation, The Integral Nature of the Divine Metatelos Deity Meditation, The Scarab Meditation II, The Star of the Scarab Meditation, and the Universal Trinity and the Absolute Meditation. These brilliant meditations are fundamental to the Scarab and as such provide a solid practice for new and seasoned practitioners/Proficients alike. The Kath State Movements are also presented throughout the practice to ensure that Kath generation is a recognized part of entering and stabilizing The State. The practice, including two breaks, is 3½ hours.

Yantras included in training for First Time registration 
  • Crazy Wisdom Deity
  • Divine Forms Deity
  • Divine Gnosis Deity (Alpha Heat)
  • Divine Gnosis Deity III
  • Divine Metatelos Deity IV
  • Divine Metatelos Deity and his Pleroma
  • Divine Sophia–Gnosis Deity
  • Divine Telesmatta Deity
  • Divine Virtues Deity
  • Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity
  • Golden Eye
  • The Pearls of the Scarab and Chart/Somatic & Cognitive Mind
  • The Scarab
  • The Star of the Scarab
  • Telegnostic Guardian Deity
  • Ultimate Guardian II Deity
  • Universal Logos
  • Universal Trinity and the Absolute
  • Universe
  • Violet Door

Prerequisites: None

Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute