We Are One

A Training of Global Unity 

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The We Are One Training™ is a 4-hour video that includes three videos: Part 1, 2 and 3 with two breaks after the first and second videos. Breaks provide time for the training material to be put into perspective and can be the length you prefer.

The videos will be streamed to your computer at home. After you register for the training, you will receive viewing instructions in the mail with your materials. Once you start the video, you can open the player to full screen by clicking the button at the lower right side of the player window. Select Play to begin. You may pause as needed.


You will need pen and paper for the training. You will be mailed an illustration called “The Earth,” which includes The Unity Offering used during the training. After the training, you can make your own recording of The Unity Offering for doing the practice. You will also be mailed an Interaction of Sharing Sheet.


It is important to stay focused on the training material presented, and not be distracted by taking notes. 


  • $100.00 basic fee
  • $50.00 for limited-income seniors 
  • $25.00 for 25 years old or younger
  • $25.00 for First Responders, Frontline Health Care Workers, and Essential Service Providers
  • $25.00 for Military, Veterans, Social Workers, Teachers, Students, or Unemployed
  • $25.00 for We Are One Training Repeaters

* All prices are in US Dollars.



The quality of your streaming experience depends on the speed and reliability of your internet connection, and the capacity of your device (computer, phone or pad/tablet) to process the internet signal. The WAO videos are pristine. To reduce internet problems like freezing, stuttering, flickering, or changes in volume, please read below:

  • Check internet speed. Bandwidth measures your download speed, or how fast the internet stream is coming into your computer. An internet speed of 25 mbps or above supports most online activity. 
  • Reboot your modem/router: Turn off (unplug) your modem and router for one minute. Some routers and modems are combined, and some are separate. Then turn it back on.
  • Turn off your internet device/computer: Wait one minute, then turn it back on.
  • Close all applications on your computer such as mail, music, windows, etc and open only one web browser application such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox. This will give almost all your computer power to viewing the videos.
  • Restart your video stream.
  • Get closer to your router.

✉️ Customer Support

Eugenio Rosende: erosende@gmail.com 

Silvia Staudinger: sstaudinger77@gmail.com