Alpha Heat Ritual Meditations and Contemplation™

Alpha Heat Ritual Meditations and Contemplation™


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In the Alpha Heat Ritual, Meditations and Contemplation (Primordial Mind, Sphere 16 of The Scarab), the innate awareness generated across the Kath is awakened by direct meditation with the Divine Gnosis Deity. By working with the Divine Gnosis Deity, the “Lady of the Knife,” The State will be recovered for us through a clarification of the appearances that obscure our transmutation of the Divine vital energy of the Kath into Innate Awareness, or the State of Oneness with the Divine. The Divine Gnosis Deity represents the Absolute Mind as the State of Contemplation. Because this Transcendental State abides in the Absolute Mind, the Deity can open this Mind for us by clarifying the conceptual layers of the Relative Mind, which in this Work will be focused on the Vital Realm, transforming one’s conventional, external sexual energy and process with its associated desires, projections, intentions, and motivations of action upon our every day reality into an internal State of Awareness and Pure Vitality.

When the Vital Realm is transformed at its material or relative level, it manifests into Pure Vitality where the heat of the Kath arises and the spiritual clarity of awareness is awakened. Thus, conventional sexuality is transformed into Innate Awareness giving us the concrete spiritual experience of a Mind awakened and, therefore, in a State of Emptiness by the power of the concentration generated by Alpha Heat, which is also referred to as Kath energy or Kath Awareness. This is a pure Spiritual awakening produced by the transmutative meditation of Alpha Heat with the Divine Gnosis Deity into the State of Transcendental Oneness or unity with the Divine. Length of training: 38-sessions.

Yantras included
  • Divine Gnosis Deity
Yantras to purchase
  • Universal Logos
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual
  • Declaration of Unity card
  • Meditation Suit
  • Wood Counter Beads

Prerequisites: Initiation into the Universe of Light Ritual or attendance at either the 1995, 2000, 2001, 2004 or 2005 Arica Reunions, or Velocity Initiation or Crazy Wisdom Initiation

Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute