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The Velocity Meditations are so powerful because they introduce us directly to the essence of the mind, which is totally empty. When experiencing this Emptiness, we are in a State of Contemplation. By commanding your Mind to be concentrated in the Kath through inhalation and then by bringing Light into the central channel, your entire body will pulsate with the opening of the Big Heart. At this point, the State of Contemplation will become stabilized, and then Divine Inseparability will be experienced as Gnosis and Wisdom in a State of Self-Awareness that establishes in us perfect freedom.

In other words, you will find you are in the Void of the Mind and the energy of the Light, or in that union of Emptiness and Clarity of the Perfect Natural Mind. At the end of this practice with the meditations, you will be seeing from the State of Pure Spirit. Everything will become spiritual and you will recognize that the life you are living is that of your Spirit. You will be reflecting your Spirit in everything.

If a main sponsor or organizer in any given community cannot organize this tuning, please ensure someone can present this Work to the local Aricans and friends in your area. Thank you.

The new Velocity Group Practice will be made available on video download and DVD sometime this year.  

Length of training: 2½ hours

Prerequisites: Velocity Initiation