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We Are One

Facing our Global Crisis with Unity
June 5th
'Mind-only' Group Practice™
The State of ‘Mind-only’ is entered when the Absolute and Relative Minds are separated and this separation awakens
the higher perspective of the Witness of the Absolute Mind.
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SUNDAY June 19, 2022
Velocity® Meditations Group Practice™
The Velocity Meditations are so powerful because they introduce us directly to the essence of the mind, which is totally empty.
When experiencing this Emptiness, we are in a State of Contemplation.
Symbol of Eternity Celebration
The Symbol “seals” the greatest Truth and the profundity of the most sacred words of the Arica Declaration of Unity that states the Ultimate Absolutes of our Unity with God, and are shown in symbolic representation by the Universal Logos.

Wave of Divine Love Ceremony

A Ceremony to send the Energy of Divine Love to someone who is ill or would benefit from the support of Love and Unity during a difficult time. This can be extended to a family, group or all humanity.

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The History of the Integral Teachings, Volume One

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With Knowledge we can effect the change needed to face the problems that are unfolding,

with human dignity a common purpose and understanding upon the grounds of Unity and Love for all humanity.

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