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New Book

Parallels Between Platonism
and Mahayana Buddhism

Oscar Ichazo's book explores the parallels between Plato's teachings and Mahayana Buddhism, emphasizing how these two traditions intertwine and contribute to our understanding of universal truths across cultures.
We Are One - A Training for Unity™
November 28 to December 3
The purpose of WE ARE ONE, A Training for Unity is to provide the basis of Unity
to address the urgent problems facing humanity and our planet.
The Nature of Mind
November 28 to December 3
A lecture video in which Oscar Ichazo explains the three Minds, using Keys to describe the basis of all appearances and their relationship to the Mind of Innate Awareness or the Contemplative Mind.
Sunday December 3, 2023
Integral Meditations Upon Transcendence
Group Practice™
The Divine Mind is empty in nature and through meditation we experience the
The State of Contemplation as Emptiness

December 17, 2023

Velocity® Meditations Group Practice™

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Wave of Divine Love Ceremony

A Ceremony to send the Energy of Divine Love to someone who is ill or would benefit from the support of Love and Unity during a difficult time. This can be extended to a family, group or all humanity.

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New Publication

The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms

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With Knowledge we can effect the change needed to face the problems that are unfolding,

with human dignity a common purpose and understanding upon the grounds of Unity and Love for all humanity.

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