The Enneagrams of the Fixations, <br> The Original Teachings

The Enneagrams of the Fixations,
The Original Teachings

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The Teachings presented in this book, The Enneagrams of The Fixations, The Original Teachings, have been taught by Oscar Ichazo since he founded the Arica School in 1968 in Chile, where he introduced the Teachings of Integral Philosophy, which include his 'Theory of Protoanalysis,' the introduction of the 'Theory of the Enneagram,' and the 'doctrine of the Fixations.' These Teachings were presented in lectures and in practical training indications to the School at that time and up to the present day. This publication includes an in–depth description of each of the Fixations to clarify and illuminate the dynamic process of each. It is essential to have a sound theoretical source and basis, including the scope of each Fixation, providing a scientific ground for their valid­ity and usage. They constitute part of the basis upon which the Ultimate Purpose of the School was established: to enter and stabilize the Higher States of Mind, resulting in the Highest State of Enlightenment, referred to in Integral Philosophy as Theosis (Gk). The Enneagrams of the Fixations offers a level of understanding and insight into the original Teachings of the enneagram theory which is grounded in a new philosophical Tradition and based on an extensive 'body of Knowledge' held by the Tradition, to realize an increased State of happiness and a stable life upon a higher compassionate perspective for the benefit of all.

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