This Limited License and Nondisclosure Agreement (“Agreement”) applies to my membership in Arica Institute (“AI”), and/or my participation in Arica group, individual, and online trainings or meditation practices (“Trainings”) provided by The Oscar Ichazo Foundation (“OIF”) or AI, and printed, audio, or video materials (“Materials”) received in connection with a training or purchased from OIF or AI.

1. I acknowledge that Oscar Ichazo (“Author”) is the originator of the Trainings and Materials, and that the Trainings, Materials, and any formal or informal communications I may receive from OIF or AI contain unique and proprietary ideas developed by Author and licensed by AI and OIF (“Information”).

2. I acknowledge the confidential nature of the Materials and Information, and I agree that I will treat the Materials and Information as confidential. If I become aware of any improper disclosure of any Materials or Information, I will immediately notify AI and OIF and assist in minimizing the effects of such disclosure.

3. I specifically agree to the following, except as otherwise permitted in writing by OIF or AI:

I will use the Materials and Information solely for my own personal education. I will not give or disclose any of the Materials or Information to anyone else for any purpose in any manner (including writing on social media, books or articles, teaching, or professional presentations), for free or for money, except to other people to whom the same Materials or Information have been licensed by OIF or AI. My license to use the Materials and Information is limited to the degree specifically allowed herein or as expressly approved by AI and OIF.

I will not copy or reproduce the Materials or Information by any physical or electronic means, except that, if indicated in certain training materials I may make a single audio recording of meditation instructions in my own voice for my sole use as a private meditation aid.

I will keep any Materials or Information I have in a safe place. I will destroy any outdated or withdrawn Materials or Information if requested by OIF or AI.

4. This Agreement shall be binding on my successors, assigns, executor or other fiduciary. I direct the foregoing to destroy the Materials and Information upon my death or incapacitation.

5. I understand that in the event of my breach of this Agreement, OIF or AI may seek legal and equitable relief, and that I will be liable for any damages (including attorneys’ fees) which may be caused by my breach.

6. I confirm I have read this Agreement, and that OIF and AI are allowing me to become a member of AI, participate in the Trainings, and purchase Materials in reliance on my acceptance of the Agreement, which is shown by clicking the checkbox below.