Release of Liability

This page is used to display the Release of Liability form. It is using a custom built template which is why this text is not displayed in the page itself.

Instructions on updating the Release of Liability form.

When the text of the Release of Liability form needs updating perform the following steps.

  1. Click in the "More actions" link at the top of this page and select "Edit Metafields"
  2. Click the "Create metafield" button
  3. Enter the "key" name of the metafield following this name naming convention: rla_[language code]_v_[version number], ie: rla_es_v_1.0
  4. Enter "global" as the namespace
  5. Click on the </> button in the text field to switch to rich text editing mode. In this mode text editing tools should be displayed.
  6. Paste in the text of the new license agreement
  7. Alternatively, if you have the new license agreement as html, then click the </> button until the text formatting tools disappear. Then paste in the HTML.
  8. Click the Save Button.

To preview the RLA you will need to remove the rla metafield from a store account you can use to test or change the version of a executed rla to an earlier version that the current highest one. Then login to the store and go to a product that requires signing the RLA. Here are the steps:

  1. In the store admin, go to Customers
  2. Find the customer account that you have a login to and can use for testing
  3. Go into the account and select Edit Metafields under the More actions link up top.
  4. Locate the rla_data metafield.
  5. Either change the version number to one lower than the current RLA version or delete the metafield. 
  6. Log into the front end of the store using the account used for testing
  7. Go to a product that requires a the RLA.
  8. Click on the button displayed to view the RLA

Customers are able to view PDFs of the RLA's from their account page.

Admins with FTP access to the quartz server can view all PDFS at

This application is dependent upon a php page hosted on the quartz server at

Custom solution and application created by Robert W Givens for The Arica Institute.