Enneagram Knowledge, <br> Teachings by Oscar Ichazo

Enneagram Knowledge,
Teachings by Oscar Ichazo

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Oscar Ichazo, the originator of the extensive and complete 'body of knowledge' of the enneagram, states that the total Integral Teachings were "the result of a long process of investigation, analysis and careful study of theology, philosophy and mysticism, and our scientific knowledge of physics, biology and medicine." He explains in Enneagram Knowledge how the entire Theory of Integral Philosophy was developed and how a superficial presentation doesn't have the understanding to teach this Knowledge accurately to ensure that the highest results from a correct application are realized. Ichazo continues by giving an expanded Teaching of the important theoretical aspects of Integral Philosophy and how the enneagrams of Higher States of Mind unfold. As the person who originated the Enneagram Teachings along with the complete Tradition of Integral Philosophy, he also developed a method of clarification for the lower ego in order to open the purity of ground to enter the highest level of Mind in which Enlightenment (Gk. Theosis) can be attained. To quote Ichazo, "The future of the Teachings of the enneagram should be to provide an Integral Method for humankind to reach its highest potential for the benefit of all."

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