Psychoalchemy Awakening Pure Vitality™ Group Training First Time or Repeat

Psychoalchemy Awakening Pure Vitality™ Group Training First Time or Repeat

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Psychoalchemy: Awakening Pure Vitality Group Training tuition fee

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The purpose of the Psychoalchemy training is to transform your external sexual energy or drive, through a process of transmutation into internal vital energy or kath energy, awakening the divine awareness of the Spiritual Body.

The training is presented by Arica training Sponsors in a few different formats: straightforward lectures, introductions presented about physical exercises, clarification processes, breathing and Kath awakening techniques, and clearly presented indications. Exercises will direct your vital energy, meditations will transform your energy and awaken the Light within you.

For those new to Psychoalchemy, just relax and use the breathing techniques, follow the indications presented and you will be able to embody the Work easily. The day has been developed to ensure the maximum benefit from the Work.

A training booklet will be given out for your reference.

The Clarification Processes about the nine different attachments to sex will prove to be most revealing. These attachments are not about the sexual act itself, but about how you project different thoughts and feelings about sex in your past and present experiences. Patterns may well emerge in respect to your Trifix and these obscurations are readily comprehensible and offer another way of clarification. The transmutation Work that accompanies these obscurations of Ultimate Reality provides a method for transforming them, allowing your vital energy to be internalized and opening an experience of pure energy and Light.

By the way the training is presented, you will have at hand a method of how to direct your Kath energy and you will discover how this redirection of energy will give you a totally different experience of your body and its fundamental vitality. With further attention and concentration across the indications presented, the Light will be awakened within you as an actual realization in your central channel and third eye, which will expand with intensity and clarity as the Work progresses.

The presentation is interesting and easily accessible to anyone at any level of experience, including those new to the Work and students of T’ai Chi Chuan.

Please wear comfortable clothing and  bring a beach towel for meditations lying down.

Length of training: A one-day intensive group training scheduled and presented by an Arica training Sponsor.

Prerequisites: None

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