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Velocity® Meditations Group Practice™ - March 17, 2024 Tuning


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Meditation tools required:
  • Ultra High Definition (4K) video is available for late model devices and TV's. High Definition (1080p) video is available for older devices and TV's. Check your device's capability.
  • Velocity Initiation included upon request. 

Length of practice: 3 hours 20 minutes.

The Velocity Meditations provide the steps for attaining The State. Having attained The State, you have the skill to return to it and to stabilize it as an ongoing experience of the ‘Good Life.’ By being introduced into the powerful State of Total Awareness of Mind, a State of Complete Emptiness is attained. By entering this level of Contemplation, you will perceive the Light in everything and have the Knowledge of your Oneness with the Divine, which is found in the Perfect Freedom of the State of Innate Awareness.

Oscar always said that the Velocity Method "makes it possible to attain enormous maturation in short periods of time."

Suggested Prerequisite: Velocity Initiation