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The Climate Catastrophe
The Four Killers of Humanity
Beyond Eco–Anxiety into Unity and Action

Oscar Ichazo presents the higher way forward to address the planetary crisis with immediacy and direction, with Unity. Unity will serve the most pressing problems of the planet with collective actions to direct our energy to this immense catastrophe in front of us, thereby benefiting all humanity.
Available From Wednesday July 24 to Sunday July 28

Oscar's Birthday Celebration on
July 24, 2024

Oscar’s 93rd Birthday will be celebrated by the practice of The Divine Mind Meditation available from July 24 to  July 28, in which a Higher Ornamental Perspective with the Divine Telesmatta Deity will be attained
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July 16 to July 21

We Are One - A Training for Unity™

The purpose of WE ARE ONE, A Training for Unity is to provide the basis of Unity
July 16 to July 21

The Nature of Mind

A lecture video in which Oscar Ichazo explains the three Minds, using Keys to describe the basis of all appearances and their relationship to the Mind of Innate Awareness or the Contemplative Mind.
Available from July 19 to July 26

Velocity® Meditations Group Practice™ Tuning July 21

The Velocity Meditations provide the steps for attaining The State. Having attained The State, you have the skill to return to it and to stabilize it as an ongoing experience of the ‘Good Life.’ By being introduced into the powerful State of Total Awareness of Mind, a State of Complete Emptiness is attained. By entering this level of Contemplation, you will perceive the Light in everything and have the Knowledge of your Oneness with the Divine, which is found in the Perfect Freedom of the State of Innate Awareness.

Wave of Divine Love Ceremony

A Ceremony to send the Energy of Divine Love to someone
who is ill or would benefit from the support of Love and Unity
during a difficult time. This can be extended to a family,
group or all humanity.
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The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms

The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms begins with the scien­tific foundation upon which the entire Integral Philosophical Teachings are based. This leads into the connection to The Scarab and its Eighteen Spheres of Perception and Reality.

With Knowledge we can effect the change needed to face the problems that are unfolding,

with human dignity, a common purpose and understanding upon the grounds of Unity and Love for all humanity.


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