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A Commentary on Crazy Wisdom

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Oscar Ichazo's book, A Commentary on Crazy Wisdom, is part of the Integral Philosophy Tradition and discloses this aspect of the tradition he originated. The Teaching delineates the Crazy Wisdom contemplative practice and gives historical examples of the nature of Mind to which he refers. Here Oscar provides the direct Teachings about the total maturity and stability of the 'Mind of Crazy Wisdom in itself,' which takes no effect from relative reality, whether internal or external in nature. The Knowledge of these Teachings, when used in a meditative practice, opens an increase in the amount and continuity of Light of the 'Divine Mind or the Light in itself.' Consequently, Crazy Wisdom can be defined as an Awakened Mind with complete understanding and a calm–abiding ground that ensures the entrance into its Ultimate State of Innate Awareness, that of the Mind of Eternal Presence. The Method Oscar proposes—the Crazy Wisdom Teachings and practice—concludes in the State of Supreme Freedom of the Mind of Enlightenment, opening a life of happiness and tranquility for all.

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