The Chi-Generating Movements <br> of the Kath State

The Chi-Generating Movements
of the Kath State

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The Chi-generating Movements of The Kath State, The Energy of Inner Fire book presents five distinct Kath-generating movements to awaken this energy in the five anatomical cavities of the body. This beautiful new public-friendly, smaller-sized edition of the chi-generating movements of the Kath State has been produced for the School and the public alike. 

The book provides a clear and concise method to practice these Kath-awakening exercises, based on the original material, but edited in such a way that the information is accessible at any level. It is important to note that there is a major change to the indications on the exhalation, providing an advanced technique to generate Kath energy throughout the organism. 

The higher embodiment Work of the mantramic repetitions is not included in this edition––just the Kath State material to establish an ongoing daily practice in order to embody the advanced aspect of this Work

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