OSCAR ICHAZO, Insights into the Teacher <br> The Philosophy • The School

OSCAR ICHAZO, Insights into the Teacher
The Philosophy • The School

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OSCAR ICHAZO, Insights into the Teacher, The Philosophy, The School contains five in-depth interviews that were published in the past as well as a new interview, all of which have been meticulously revised and updated to reflect the current language and Teachings of the School. 

The first-time publication of the new interview can be considered as biographical in nature due to the answers that Oscar gives defining his life from an early age onward and his extensive investigation of logic, metaphysics, ontology, theology, ethics, and the philosophy of history. His description of his first transcendental experience and the States he experienced thereafter with other methods of transcendentality provides further understanding of our Teacher and his process of translating his State of Enlightenment across these other methods.

The book elaborates an extensive amount of material from Oscar about the Teachings, the School, the history of philosophy, and the different aspects of philosophical science. The richness of Oscar’s answers and perspective about many topics gives the reader an enormous advantage in realizing more fully the far-reaching impact our School can have in the world we are facing today across the Integral Philosophical System, Method and Practice.

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