Empty, Empty Rattle and Meditation

Empty, Empty Rattle and Meditation

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A full-color, two-inch enameled reproduction of the Rattle—the same as the one held by the Crazy Wisdom Deity—and meditation indications for entering the State. The convenience of the little Rattle is that you can carry it with you and have it at hand for a fast recall of the steps of ascent into the State of the Clear Light. The mantrams used in the meditation establish the series of ascent by way of the eight Transcendental Divine Minds. By working with the Rattle on a regular basis, you will charge it with the energy that is an instant reminder of the Universal Mind of the School. Then, because you have charged it with significance, just by holding it you will instantly reconnect to the State. Length of training: 5 minutes.

Prerequisites:Crazy Wisdom Initiation.
Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute