Ornamental Mind, Divine Gnoses of Transcendence™ (Sphere 3)

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The Ornamental Mind, the Divine Gnoses of Transcendence meditations, is associated with Sphere 3 of the Eighteen Integral Spheres of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality of the Scarab. The Work provides an embodiment, contemplation and vision of the Fundamental Knowledge of the State of Transcendence, based upon the nine Divine Gnoses with the support of the Ultimate Guardian Deity, and ends in the Pristine State of the Diamond Being, the Divine Metatelos Deity. There are four new main meditations presented in the practice, which culminate in a stabilized and proficient State of Mind capable of entering the contemplative and insightful State of the Eternal Divine Presence of Transcendence. Length of training: 45-sessions.

Yantras included in training
  • Ultimate Guardian III Deity
  • Mandala of the Ultimate Guardian Deity
Yantras to purchased separately
Recommended Prerequisites: Scarab Meditations individual or Reunion 2005 or 2010. Requirements: Arica Institute membership