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Parallels Between Platonism and Mahayana Buddhism

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In Parallels Between Platonism and Mahayana Buddhism, Oscar Ichazo makes a comparison of the corresponding similarities between the two historical and classic teachings of Plato and Nagarjuna. He shows how the Greek Tradition and Buddhism are intertwined, using doctrinal similarities and numerous examples of the encounters between the Greek and Indian cultures to reveal how the theory of ‘Mind-only’ was first proposed in Greek Platonism. The exposition continues with an explanation of the structure of other Greek and Buddhist doctrines, making historical parallels of their doctrinal roots. Because of the in-depth scholarly approach, this book provides a valuable contribution to the foundation of historical Knowledge in terms of understanding the sources provided by Western culture and their enormous influence in respect to the higher perspective of the same Universal Truth as found in all true traditions, for the benefit of all humanity.