Psychoalchemy: Awakening Pure Vitality


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The Psychoalchemy training has the specific purpose, across a process of transmutation, of transforming everyday external sexual energy or drive into internal vital energy, or Kath energy. By transforming the corporeal material manifestation of sex into a subtle ethereal immaterial energy, our Spiritual Body will be awakened, enlightening the central channel with the nine Divine Lights, an outcome of Kath energy and Pure Mind. Transcending one’s external preoccupation with sex through clarification of sexual attachments and working directly with Kath energy and Divine Light in the central channel reverses and transforms the external sexual energy of suffering and attachment into the internal transmutation of the higher energy of real vitality by the unification of the Sexual and Spiritual Pole. In summary, we can say that Psychoalchemy is the Mind (psycho) transforming (alchemy) our base sexual drive into the pure vitality (Kath) of the golden-green-violet Light of Theosis. Length of training: 30-sessions.

Prerequisites: None
Requirements: Arica Institute membership