Book Cover of The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms: Perfect, Eternal, Unchanging Truths by Oscar Ichazo

The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms
Perfect, Eternal, Unchanging Truths

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Oscar Ichazo, the originator of the Enneagram Theory and Practice, presents a Teaching of the enneagram and its application in his book, The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms–Perfect, Eternal, Unchanging Truths. The Divine Forms Teachings begin with the scientific foundation upon which the enneagrams of Integral Philosophy are based. The book outlines how the Divine Forms are an integral part of the complete Theory of Integralism and how this builds a ‘Theory of Knowledge,’ that otherwise would be baseless. Ichazo provides a comprehensive perspective on the relationship of the Divine Forms with a full description of the nine Fixations, the Trifix, and an ego–reduction of each Fixation. For those interested in a substantial philosophy of Enlightenment, The Enneagrams of the Divine Forms book exposes a fundamental Teaching in which the study and practice with the Divine Forms opens Transcendental Knowledge beyond concepts and language into States of Perfection, Eternity and Innate Awareness.

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