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The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part One: Logomachia™ Battle for Reason

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Essential Birds of Prey set of 5

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The Golden Eye, the mystical single eye that is all-embracing, boundless of space and time. It is beyond all possible descriptions involving words, which are symbols of the expression of the analytical mind. In the same way that the Cutting of the Adamantine Pyramid training provides the basic tools and the ability to reach the Diamond State of Non-duality, the Golden Eye gives the maturity, the recognition and the ability to recall the Clear Light at will and to use the strength that emanates only from the pure void of non-attachment and non-conceptualization. This energy has enormous healing powers, but the most important element is that it can repair, cure and fulfill our moral self—which is the fundamental basis of working consciously toward the common evolution, attaining enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.


The purpose of the first part of the Golden Eye One, Logomachia, the Battle for Reason, is the clarification of our consciousness to the very depths of our psyche. This clarification is described as a battle for reason. Therefore, the Work is given the title "Logomachia" (logo = reason, machia = battle).

There would be no possibility of establishing this battle if we were not able to produce in our own psyche a separation (Divine Mind of Separation) so that we can acknowledge and recognize the internal Negative Archetypes that are directly connected to specific aspects of our ego process. Only when we recognize the internal, negative parts of our ego and can isolate them will we have a serious stance for battle. Once we recognize the Negative Archetypes, they become imprisoned by this recognition and cannot control our lives any longer.

Prerequisites: None

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