The Highest Ritual of Completion: The Integral States of Theosis of the Scarab Meditation • Contemplation • Vision™


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The highest Work with the Deities of the Scarab is being offered to the Core Group of the School, those who have completed all the practices of the Scarab (individual and group) and have attended Reunions 2000, 2005 and 2010. The Integral States of Theosis of the Scarab: Meditation•Contemplation•Vision individual training is the basis upon which the Proficient can realize the all-encompassing level of integrality of practice necessary to enter, stabilize and generate the Work from the Fundamental Pristine Ground of Theosis, in order to attain The State of the ‘Ultimate Pristine Form,’ from the securely established Metaphysical Foundations and the Trialectical Methodology across the Divine Ascesis. Each repetition is the Transmission of an Advanced Teaching of the Pure Forms, and as such opens the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Eternal Ornamental Reality of the Superior Heavens of the Transcendental One God into the realization and attainment of the ‘Diamond Being in itself.’

Discovering how to generate the ‘Ultimate Pure Form,’ from the all-powerful Divine Emanation of the Perfection of All Creation across this Work, discloses the Highest Ritual of Completion of the Deities of the Scarab - a Teaching at a profound level of Transmission, revealing the States of Bliss, Happiness and Goodness that are offered for the benefit of all. Length of training: 60-sessions.

Yantras included in training
  • Divine Forms Deity III
  • Divine Gnosis Deity V
  • Divine Metatelos Deity VI
  • Divine Metatelos Deity and His Pleroma III
  • Divine Sophia-Gnosis Deity III
  • Divine Telesmatta Deity III
  • Divine Virtues Deity III
  • Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity III
  • Ultimate Guardian Deity II
Yantras and material to purchase separately
  • Declaration of Unity card
  • Meditation Suit
  • Universal Logos
  • Violet Door
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual

Prerequisites: All the practices of the Scarab (individual and group) which includes

Transcendental Mind (Sphere 1)
Universal Mind (Sphere 2)
Ornamental Mind (Sphere 3)
Divine Attributes (Sphere 4)
Contemplative Mind: (Sphere 5)
Illuminative Mind (Sphere 6)
Creative Mind (Sphere 7)
Volitional Mind (Sphere 8)
Enlightened Mind (Sphere 9)

Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute