The Integral Octagon Initiation™

The Integral Octagon Initiation™

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The Integral Octagon Initiation tuition fee

The Integral Octagon Initiation indications

The Integral Octagon Initiation binder

Octagon yantra™

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The Integral Octagon Initiation is a required initiation in order to practice The Octagon group meditational practice. The Initiation is a 12-session individual, at-home practice which uses the Octagon yantra to embody the two initiatory meditations. The 8-inch full-color Octagon yantra is included with the indications. The schedule includes Central Channel Breathing, the Vows and Offerings Ritual and the two main meditations. This is an easy-to-complete practice and an excellent preparation for joining or continuing your group Octagon practice, generating the Ultimate State of Theosis (Pristine Enlightenment) for the realization of Humanity-One.

Yantras included in training
  • Octagon

Prerequisites: None

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