The Kath State Movements™ audio and video

The Kath State Movements™ audio and video


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The Kath State Movements are five precise chi generating exercises that awaken our inner fire. To attain this awakening, Oscar Ichazo uses a specific breathing pattern and his presentation of the Five Classical Elements with movements that are adapted from T'ai Chi Chuan's Yang Style short form by Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing. Once the energy of inner fire is awakened, we are able to direct it within us, generating the chi of the five Cavities of our body that are associated with the Five Classical Elements.

1. Basic indications for the Kath State Movements
2. Advanced indications
3. Musical Repetitions (no indications)

If Kath State Movements are practiced with intention, concentration and awareness, the Kath State will be attained with the Quietude of Mind and a revitalized state of the body.