Wave of Divine Love Ceremony™

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The Wave of Divine Love Ceremony is for remembering those in difficult situations who would benefit from receiving the energy of a Wave. In this new version of the Wave, the opening and closing parts are about our Unity and our Oneness, and the Work is now presented with this purpose and in this direction. Since the Arica School of Knowledge is based upon Unity – which establishes the ground for entering the Highest States of Enlightenment – it is necessary that the Wave of Divine Love express with the repetitions our Unity at the beginning and at the end.

The Wave is available to anyone who wants to have a Ceremony to do for a person in need, with the intention of sending energy in order to support that person’s process, and it can also be done for a family or group of people or humanity at large.

The new indications for the Wave of Divine Love are available to all. It is presented in booklet form with an Introduction and clear indications.


Prerequisites: None