Star of Scarab Yantra
Crazy Wisdom Yantra
Divine Forms Yantra
Divine Metatelos IV Yantra
Divine Metatelos Pleroma Yantra
Divine Sophia Gnosis Yantra
Divine Virtues Deity Yantra
Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity Yantra
Pearls of Scarab Info Chart
Scarab Yantra
Somatic Cognitive Mind Yantra
Telegnostic Guardian Yantra
Ultimate Guardian Yantra
Universal Logos Yantra
Universal Trinity Absolute Yantra
Universe Yantra
Violet Door Yantra
Vows and Offering Ritual Yantra
Golden Eye Yantra
Divine Telesmatta Deity Yantra

Arica Day of Unity Scarab Meditations laminated yantras

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  • Crazy Wisdom Deity
  • Divine Forms Deity
  • Divine Gnosis Deity (Alpha Heat)
  • Divine Gnosis Deity III
  • Divine Metatelos Deity IV
  • Divine Metatelos Deity and his Pleroma
  • Divine Sophia–Gnosis Deity
  • Divine Telesmatta Deity
  • Divine Virtues Deity
  • Fierce Divine Wisdom Deity
  • Golden Eye
  • The Scarab
  • The Star of the Scarab
  • Telegnostic Guardian Deity
  • Ultimate Guardian II Deity
  • Universal Logos
  • Universal Trinity and the AbsoluteUniverse
  • Violet Door
  • Pearls of the Scarab and Scarab Information Chart, Sphere 18 and Sphere 17

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