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Contemplative States of the <br> Bardo Meditations™

Contemplative States of the
Bardo Meditations™

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Psychology, Theology and Theurgy of Death Video Format

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Bardo Meditations binder

Bardo Meditations Indications

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The Contemplative States of the Bardo Meditations tuition fee

The Contemplative States of the Bardo Meditations training follows the system, theory and method of Integral Philosophy. The purpose of this training is to acquire an understanding of the entire process of our existence, life and death in our common, organic reality. The process of conception, gestation and birth follows an absolutely predetermined pattern of the five elements, understood philosophically and biologically as a series of components which, when combined, produce an integral, harmonic and self-generating system. This system is applied to our entire life, which is then seen as being composed of many processes that follow the same archetypal pattern of the elements. Death is then studied, understood and realized following the universal pattern of the five elements, ending in the manifestation of the five Transcendental Minds—Absolute, Practical Transformative Wisdom, Transcendental, Relative, and Ornamental—in the State beyond death.

The Contemplative States of the Bardo Meditation indications include Teachings presented in three Introductions, the first of which covers how death was conceived in ancient cultures, and the others that present the Teachings of Integral Philosophy, in which Core Instructions fully outline our method and approach to death and the Bardo State. Three different Clarification Processes are employed to identify the lower manifestations we experience in order to recognize, process and transcend our ego dynamics in order to clarify ourselves for the Work that follows.

The Contemplative States of the Bardo Meditations training presents the Integral Core Instructions or Teachings of death and transcendence as our final way of liberation from all carnal and material attachments, as well as from the non-material negative desires, passions and subjective sufferings of life. When the Knowledge of the transcendence of death is made real by true initiation, it is then possible to establish in our lives the ideals of pure transcendence. This will produce a sea change in our soul that will give real understanding and true purpose to our lives in accordance with our most sacred inner Self, Divine Eternal and forever. To know with true initiation the sacred process of death is to awaken in us the fullness of the Supreme States of awareness, transcendence and complete mystical self-realization. Length of training: 38-sessions.

Yantras and material included:
Psychology, Theology and Theurgy of Death, Intermediary State and Immortality video download or DVD
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