Crazy Wisdom Deity Yantra

Crazy Wisdom Meditations and
Contemplation Repeat

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The Meditations and Contemplation of Crazy Wisdom are of the highest State of attainment of the Velocity Method of Sudden Enlightenment. Crazy Wisdom is a mind that has entered into such stability and maturity within itself that it no longer moves. The Crazy Wisdom Meditations and Contemplation increase the amount and continuity of the Light by making all reality—internal and external—part of the ongoing practice. Crazy Wisdom can be defined as a mind that understands itself so completely that it does not allow any obscurations to cover its natural radiance of awareness and presence. We can say that Crazy Wisdom is, in reality, the Supreme Freedom. Length of training: 30-sessions.

Prerequisite: Crazy Wisdom Meditations and Contemplation

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