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'Death In Itself'
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In the Integral Teachings about suffering, death is deemed a major provocateur and the most defended and crystallized position of our ego and our culture at large. We discover that the ego-self is not only the projector of suffering but is the actual producer or source of this suffering. Integral Philosophy analyzes the being in which the experience of suffering happens. The reaction to death is considered one of the major causes of suffering that occurs in a person’s life in many cultures, and the fact is that our relationship to ‘death in itself’ is not clarified to the level of a real understanding, transcendence and liberation. By not making a deep clarification to discover our unrecognized and suppressed ego mechanisms related to death and our projections to those now deceased, we are merely masking a conglomerate of obscurations, causing us to suffer more intensely but unconsciously, even when suppressed and dismissed over a long period of time.

The “Death in Itself’ training opens the door to the clarification and Knowledge of a tremendous Teaching of the State of Immortality, Self-realization, and ‘Mind-only’ in total Unity with the State of the Eternal Divine Life, of which we all are one and the same. Length of training: 45 sessions.


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