Celebrating Oscar

Celebrating Oscar

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This year on the fourth anniversary of Oscar’s blessed and enlightened Transcendence, we celebrate him with two meditations in which he found Eternal Refuge.

The celebration opens with the "Vows and Offering Ritual." Oscar states, “The 'Vows and Offerings Ritual' is a meditation ritual to be practiced on a daily basis with full intention and commitment, giving the Vows and Offerings absolute meaning and significance. In fact, this ritual awakens our Divine Consciousness which is in itself complete and pure freedom. It is from this State of Freedom and perfect independence that one can make the internal choice or decision to follow the Path of The Good. This Path is one of Enlightenment in the State of Freedom itself.”

The celebration practice ends with the “Eternal Presence of the Symbol Meditation.” When practiced inside a Calm–abiding State, it opens the Way to be transported by the Symbol into unexpected States of Purity, Light and Transcendence beyond our normal, everyday perception. A mystical understanding and experience of the Eternal Presence is disclosed and awakened in its Absolute Purity.

By remembering Oscar in your heart, you will be united inside the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence of the Symbol in which he abides in transcendental bliss and joy for all Eternity. The blessing of the Wisdom and Knowledge of this celebratory practice will take you beyond into the deeper and totally profound Realms of Spiritual Self–realization. The outcome of this practice is the discovery that Oscar is with us in the Perfect State of the Eternal Divine Presence for the benefit of all.


Sarah Ichazo

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