The Immovable Mind Meditations™ Group Practice - September 8, 2024 Tuning

The Immovable Mind Meditations™ Group Practice - September 8, 2024 Tuning

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Length of training:
  • Shortened version: 2 hours 14 minutes excluding breaks.
  • Long version: 5 hours 10 minutes excluding breaks. 

The Immovable Mind Meditations Group Practice is the embodiment, visualization and contemplation of the Telegnostic Guardian Deity, providing the ground upon which the Immovable Mind can be entered and stabilized. This stabilized Telegnostic or Immovable State is experienced as consciousness “that does not move regardless of the phenomena of the Relative Mind” of Concepts and Language.

In the meditations the symbols of the Telegnostic Guardian have immense importance in relationship to the four Integral Ways of Enlightenment, culminating in the fifth Way. Thus, they are metaphorical representations of great value for the understanding of the Foundation of the Immovable State, and are introduced and worked throughout the practice to attain the five Emptinesses across the Divine Ascesis.

Introductions by Oscar will be presented about the Integral Method of attaining the Immovable Mind, with historical references being given to the different Chinese and Japanese schools and traditions that study and practice their own forms for attaining the Immovable Mind. There are Teachings throughout the practice from Oscar, including one about the Weapons of Enlightenment, ensuring that an understanding of the significance of the weapons is embodied and that the subtle Minds evoked are comprehended.

Further on in the practice, the Immovable Mind Meditation Teaching from Oscar explains the Divine Ascesis and the States of Emptiness attained by the meditation. It is an advanced Teaching that will open a direct experience of the Immovable Mind as the outcome of working the steps of the Divine Ascesis into the States of Emptiness, across the Work with the Telegnostic Guardian Deity.

These are meditations that open and provide a stable ground for working the Higher States of Transcendence, and therefore require a relaxed and open attitude to receive the Teachings and embody the Work of the Immovable Mind, stabilizing the State of Immovability, for the benefit of all.

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    Suggested PrerequisiteInitiation into the Light

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