Getting Started Meditations

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Awakening the Kath, your core point, is a fundamental meditation because, by concentrating in your Kath point and controlling your breathing, you can enter a higher State of Mind called a Mind of Emptiness.

The Birth of Light Meditation has the purpose of opening the Light of the Divine Mind. This is direct meditation that will disclose the nature of the Divine Mind in all its splendor.

The Four Elements in Space Meditation presents the five kinds of Kath energy that are found in the body. They correspond to the five Cavities: Pelvic, Abdominal, Thoracic, Cranial, and Dorsal and the five Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Space. 

The Harmonic Consciousness Meditation is an important meditation for opening your Consciousness in order to direct Divine Energy into a specific area in your body. 

The Innate Awareness Meditation uses the Universe yantra that represents the Absolute Mind of Non-conceptualization and the Relative Mind of Concepts and Language, which become united by Innate Awareness.

The Key of True Self Meditation refers to the five Cavities in the body and with the relevant color, Objective Form, and repetition, each Cavity is awakened into a State of its pure and True Nature.

The Vows and Offerings Ritual is an advanced and a most important daily ritual for the School that connects us to God, the School, and humanity.

The Song of the Heart Meditation is sung as the eight different points/rings in the body and one point/ring on top of the head are referred to by using the Hypergnostic yantra on the screen.

The Violet Door Meditation is a more advanced meditation of the School. It is the recognition that you are the carrier of the violet Light of the School of Knowledge and Love for the benefit of all.

The Wave of Divine Love Ceremony is for remembering those in difficult situations who would benefit from receiving the energy of a Wave. In this new version of the Wave, the opening and closing parts are about our Unity and our Oneness, and the Work is now presented with this purpose and in this direction.

The We are One Meditation has the main purpose of awakening in us the experience of our oneness with all humanity. The meditation can be experienced in the heart with a great happiness of the Unity found with all other human beings.

All yantras below are provided on screen in the video. These yantras may be purchased separately.