Integral Mentations Meditation booklet

Integral Mentations Meditation booklet

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The Integral Mentations Meditation booklet provides meditations from the Mentations training to further embody the Work at a deeper level. The booklet contains the Awakening the Kath practice, unifying the mind and body and distributing Kath energy throughout the entire organism. Kath-channel Breathing is included to open the awareness and function of the central channel with Kath energy. Included is the Mentations Embodiment Meditation, which is a practice of embodying the Mentations with their associated repetitions and yantras. The booklet also contains the Unity of the Somatic-Cognitive Mind Meditation that unifies Spheres 18 and 17 of the Scarab, further stabilizing the mind and body into a working process of thought. The yantras necessary for these meditations are included in the booklet.

Prerequisites: Arica Mentations Group Training or The Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab Trainings.

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