Core Fire Awaken Generate Revitalize by Oscar Ichazo

Core Fire, Awaken • Generate • Revitalize

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The Core Fire; Awaken • Generate • Revitalize book provides a direct and healthy way to live a life full of vitality with the innate Kath Energy found in our body. The book presents a collection of Oscar Ichazo’s Kath awakening and generating exercises that have been practiced in the Arica School of Knowledge, some of them for over 40 years. With the book’s easy-to-follow indications and illustrations, the revitalizing exercises are easily accessible, making the practice of them direct and alive. With the breathing technique presented, the attention in the Kath point and the use of the central channel on the exhalation, these exercises, which are not used in any other tradition, are an advanced method for generating Kath Energy or chi by awakening your inner or Core Fire.

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