Divine Forms Deity Yantra
Divine Forms Deity II Yantra
Divine Forms Mandala

Creative Mind, Cutting of the
Adamantine Pyramid™ (Sphere 7)

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Creative Mind tuition fee


Creative Mind indications


Creative Mind binder


Divine Forms Deity II™ yantra


Divine Forms Deity™ yantra


Mandala of the Divine Forms Deity™ yantra


The Creative Mind, Cutting of the Adamantine Pyramid training is associated with Sphere 7 of the Eighteen Spheres of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality of The Scarab. In the Creative Mind training, the Divine Forms Deity (previously the Divine Ideas Deity) represents the nine Divine Forms. By working the Divine Forms in relationship to the Adamantine Pyramid, the quality of the enormous strength of the pyramid and the permanent quality of the Divine Forms are united, establishing a universal creative structure of Mind that is unbreakable, immovable and pristine, and that as such reflects the Adamantine Clear Light State of the Diamond Being.

Five main meditations are practiced during the training and two new yantras are part of the training package. The only prerequisite for this training is having practiced The Scarab Meditations in either individual or group practice. 
Length of training: 45-sessions.

Yantras and material included:
  • Divine Forms Deity
  • Divine Forms Deity II
  • Mandala Of the Divine Forms Deity
Yantras to purchase:

Recommended: Meditation Suit (optional)

Suggested Prerequisites: Initiation into the LightThe Scarab Meditations or The Scarab Meditations Group Practice

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