Crazy Wisdom Head Yantra

Direct-Hit Transformations of Crazy Wisdom™

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The Direct-Hit Transformations of Crazy Wisdom is a training that gives us a further opportunity to work with the Great Transformer of Crazy Wisdom in our everyday life and experience. Crazy Wisdom is the Mind of Transformation, and it is this mind that can transform lower ego manifestations and cyclical mechanisms into the Higher States when an intellectual Function of Transformation is added to the process. Two methods of clarification are employed: Trialectical Karma Processing gives us the knowledge and understanding of our internal Trialectical ego mechanisms and Direct-Hit Processing gives us the awareness of our ego projections into the external world as unfulfilled expectations. Trialectics is further employed in Functional Transformation processes, where the lower ego is transformed with Wisdom into the Higher States. This Work unites the five Realms by the Absolute Light of the One, the Good and the Beautiful for the benefit of all. Length of training: 21-sessions.

Suggested Prerequisites: Crazy Wisdom Initiation

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