The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part 2: Applied Logomachia Repeat

The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part 2: Applied Logomachia Repeat

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The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation, Part Two, Logomachia follows the pattern of process of the first part of The Golden Eye training, in which a way is opened to Witness our internal negative archetypes and their exact role in our subjective ego world. Having once recognized and witnessed our negative archetypes, it is possible to face them, and in so doing, to discharge their particular negative aspects from our life.

In the same way that our internal world is ruled by the negative archetypes, our external world is ruled by the negative archetypes in our social environment, which correspond to those of our internal, subjective process. As in the case of the internal process, once the external negative archetypes are realistically recognized, your perspective of the “games of interest” in society changes. With this clarification, you are no longer fighting the external world blindly and unconsciously, but directing the energy for the benefit of all.

In Applied Logomachia, the energy of these social negative archetypes can be oriented in a conscious way through self-observation, ego analysis (Protoanalysis), and self-realization, as an outcome of the training process and experience. Applied Logomachia will apply the Knowledge attained by the internal Logomachia (Golden Eye One) as a lens for all the activities of our external life rooted in our social environment. The experience of witnessing the negative aspects of our ‘external world as such’ opens a Higher State that will eventually lead to the permanently attained State of Theosis (Pristine Enlightenment). Length of training: 40-sessions.

Prerequisites: The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part Two

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