Meditations Upon the Pure Grounds of the Eternal Presence™


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The group practice of The Pure Grounds of the Eternal Presence relates to Sphere 9, the Enlightened Mind, of the Scarab, provides a direct experience of the Divine Ascesis with each meditation practiced, as an entrance into the Pure Ground of the State of Emptiness found in the Eternal Presence.

In this day’s Work, the Integral Metaphysics of 'Mind-only' as Ultimate Reality is presented as four Minds, namely the Absolute Mind, the Relative Mind, the Transformative Mind, and the Ornamental Mind. Each of these Minds is practiced with two meditations that produce the nature of the Pure Grounds as 'Emptiness in itself,' culminating at the end of the practice into the Transcendental Mind of the 'Eternal Presence as Such,' or actualizing the Totality of the four Transcendental Divine Minds into the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence.

The four Minds are presented and embodied in the form of an octagon in which the eight Ultimate Grounds are placed, with the center providing the ninth and Unifying Ground of the Eternal Presence, in which the State of the Transcendental Mind is actualized, producing a point of Perfect Unity in which the different Teachings about the Grounds become One, as Supreme Divine Emptiness, the origin of all across the Divine Ascesis.

The group practice is appropriate for those who have attended Reunion 2010 and have embodied The Pure Grounds of the Divine Forms of the Scarab to a reasonable level of understanding and proficiency. In total, there are ten main Scarab meditations presented in this group practice, nine of which provide an embodiment and stability of the Teachings that relate to each Ground and its entrance into Emptiness across the Key of Ascesis. The tenth meditation, The Pure Grounds of the Eternal Presence Meditation, opens an overview and Teaching of the Integral Metaphysics of the Absolute, Relative, Transformative, and Ornamental Minds, each with their two related Pure Grounds, into the Emptiness of the Transcendental State of Total Oneness with the Divine.

Oscar’s Teaching is presented in the Introduction of the practice that opens the Knowledge of the nature of the Supreme Divine Emptiness of The State and Work with the Divine Ascesis, offered for the benefit of all and the realization of our most precious goal of Humanity-One.

If you have not practiced the individual Work of The Pure Grounds of the Eternal Presence, you will need the yantras for the practice listed below, which are included in the registration fee. The day’s Work starts at 10 AM and finishes at 4:40 PM.

Please contact your local Sponsor for the location of the group practice.

Yantras included
  • Adamantine Pyramid II
  • AH II
  • All-Consciousness II
  • Block of Iron
  • Equal III
  • Five Elements
  • Golden Eye II
  • No
  • Octagonal Diamond
  • Pure Grounds of the Eternal Presence
Yantras to purchase
  • Universal Logos
  • Violet Door
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual (optional)

Prerequisites: Attendance at Reunions 2005 or 2010, or The Scarab Meditations individual practice or group training

Requirements: Arica Institute membership