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'Mind-only' Group Practice™ - June 1, 2025 Tuning - Streaming and Zoom

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The ‘Mind-only’ Group Practice is a one-day practice. Since “Awakening the Witness Meditation” was so well-received at the The Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab Trainings, this group practice would be an excellent follow-up to that Work and would provide the School with a practice to concentrate on that specific ‘Mind-only’ attainment.

The State of ‘Mind-only’ is entered when the Absolute and Relative Minds are separated and this separation awakens the higher perspective of the Witness of the Absolute Mind. The Absolute Mind can then witness the Relative Mind process that is full of Thoughts provoked by Feelings and Emotions. It is from this point of view that the State of ‘Mind-only’ is entered and we witness our ‘ego process as such,’ and from this perspective we are no longer manipulated by our ego-self.

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