Opening the Rainbow Eye™ with yantras


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The Opening the Rainbow Eye training is a meditation, contemplation and ritual practice in which the Rainbow Lights of the Divine Absolute Mind are opened, imprinted and awakened in all their brilliance and splendor in the third eye of the practitioner. In this training, the dichotomies in each of the Nine Domains of Consciousness are addressed with Clarification Processes, opening a way for the Internal Witness to arise and transform our deep-seated behavioral patterns, allowing for the embodiment of the nine Integral Virtues simply and directly through the Integral Virtues of Liberation Meditation. A beautiful laminated Rainbow Eye yantra will accompany the indications, opening the Rainbow Eye Lights during the Opening the Rainbow Eye Meditation. The Third Eye Contemplation completes the training, ensuring that the third eye is awakened and full of Light. This level of the Rainbow Eye work was not presented in the original training. Length of training: 40 sessions. 

Yantras and material included:
  • 14 Pillars of Perfect Recognition
  • Declaration of Unity card
  • Hypergnostic
  • Rainbow Eye
  • Universal Logos
  • Vows and Offerings Ritual
  • Meditation Suit

    Prerequisites: None

    Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute