The Four Killers of Humanity

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Oscar Ichazo’s book, The Four Killers of Humanity, The Ethical Solution to our Existential Crisis, presents a straightforward application of the ethical ground upon which his Teachings of Integral Philosophy are based. By awakening these ethical Teachings in ourselves and putting them into daily practice, they will change our point of view and further support our orientation toward the recognition that unless we unite as one humanity, we face a dire future.

The ultimate purpose of The Four Killers book is to provide an ethical solution based upon an ethical language to unite us in order to address the immense crisis of the Four Killers we are facing: rapid overpopulation, uncontrollable pollution, incomprehension about nuclear energy and its dangers, and mismanagement and misuse of our basic resources–all of which Oscar has lectured on in the School since 1968. The Four Killers book gives us an original approach with a secure direction to promote cooperation and interaction so we can face and solve the problems in front of us. WE ARE ONE

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