The Nine Constituents

The Nine Constituents

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These original and historic Teachings grounded upon the Ornamental State of the Divine Eternal Presence are presented in a new publication for those members of the School active in their practice and motivated to study and embody the ‘doctrine of the Nine Constituents.’ This 400-page masterpiece presents the nine distinct physiological, psychological and meta-physical Constituents that overlap each other and form a clear structure of our psyche shown in the form of an enneagram. Because this nine–pointed figure presents a complete cycle, it is used throughout these Teachings to disclose the Nine Constituents across the Protoanalytical Theory and Method and the three Laws of Trialectics. The Teachings of the Constituents are an elemental matrix to cognize the totality of these nine distinct structures of our psyche.

This book is an extended study and training of the highest Level and provides the Knowledge to transform our everyday Awareness into true Innate Awareness in which the State of ‘Mind-only’ is a given. Parts of the Teachings of the nine Constituents you will know but other parts will surprise you. You will receive The Truth, The Good, and The Beautiful of these Ornamental Teachings and find that Knowledge of the Ultimate Ground of your Higher Self will further mature in the Enlightened State of Theosis for the benefit of all.

These Teachings are now available to active members of the School in a limited hardback edition celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Oscar’s Integral Philosophical Teachings, which he began passing to the newly founded School in 1968. Scholarships are available to those who need them in order to purchase this publication.

Prerequisites: The Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab Trainings.
Requirements: Membership in Arica Institute.

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