The Scarab Meditations™

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The Scarab, composed of Eighteen Integral Spheres across the five Integral Realms of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality, is the basis upon which the Line of the School is established. The Scarab Meditations training presents an in-depth and integral method of embodying the Line of the School, using twenty-two meditations with the Scarab, culminating in the last meditation in which the eternally unmanifested transcendent and ineffable Absolute is attained in the State of Absolute Presence.

The Scarab Initiation opens the Work and establishes the correct position of the eighteen spheres inside and outside the body. When the spheres are precisely located, then follow the eighteen individual meditations of each sphere, each with its own way of recognition and transformation. After each sphere is embodied and then realized, The Scarab Meditation is practiced, covering the entire internal spherical structure of the Scarab, integrating us into the Totality as a complete human being. When the entire Scarab is realized in its Totality, The Star of the Scarab Meditation follows to unite the five Integral Realms, completing the Spiritual Realm into the Totality of Being. The training culminates in the Universal Trinity and the Absolute Meditation, which is the embodiment of the three Divine Minds without form or reference to the internal spherical structure of the Scarab.

The supreme importance of embodying and realizing the Teachings of the Scarab as a meditational practice is to awaken our awareness of the integrality of the State of Perfect Presence of the Absolute, Transcendent Divine.Length of training: 54-sessions.

Yantras included
  • Divine Metatelos Deity and His Pleroma
  • Somatic Mind (Sphere 18) and Cognitive Mind (Sphere 17)
  • Star of the Scarab
  • The Pearls of the Scarab & Chart/Somatic & Cognitive Mind
  • The Scarab
  • Universal Trinity and the Absolute
Yantras purchased separately
Suggested Prerequisite: Initiation into the Light or The Arica Day of Unity: Scarab Meditations Group Practice