The Octagon™ with 12-inch yantra

The Octagon™ with 12-inch yantra

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The Octagon, group meditation practice, is a vehicle of mystical ascent and a regular practice that connects practitioners to the 'spiritual body' of the Arica School. The Octagon yantra (Objective meditational illustration) used in The Octagon group practice brings an immediate experience of the Eternal Presence of Light upon Silence into the Work. The Work with the five Transcendental Divine Minds and the five Transcendental Divine Names of God uses direct repetitions that clearly differentiate each Mind and Divine Name, disclosing an understanding of them across the Lights of the 'Diamond Being in itself.' The outcome of The Octagon is the experience of the Clear Light as an actual State of attainment. 

As many practitioners will affirm, The Octagon also provides a social gathering in many communities that supports the discussion of feats of attainment, debates about the Work, study groups to discuss the Teachings, and the invaluable interactions of sharing, which supports the spiritual Knowledge and understanding of The Octagon members. Octagons can be practiced with one or more members, eight members being the average size of most Octagons. Length of practice: 45-60-minutes weekly, bi-monthly or monthly group practice scheduled by participants.

Yantra included
  • 12-inch by 12-inch Octagon yantra.
Material Options
  • 8-inch by 8-inch Octagon yantra (included in The Integral Octagon Initiation)
  • Octagon medallion
  • 12 candle holders (red, yellow, green. blue)
  • 12 votive candles

Prerequisites: The Integral Octagon Initiation.
Requirements: Arica Institute membership